Environmental, Social and Governance policy


As a market-leading provider of technology-based solutions to the aquaculture, offshore and energy sectors, OTAQ recognises its responsibility to operate in a manner that protects the planet and its inhabitants. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has identified aquaculture and fisheries as the key to ensuring food security in future for the world’s growing population. OTAQ’s Environmental, Social and Governance policy aligns with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); the UN guidelines for member states to ensure they operate in line with its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


As a company whose activities occur in the natural environment, OTAQ is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and expects similar values from its partners. Sustainability is key to OTAQ’s mission, and its products enable customers to reduce waste and increase efficiencies of operation to preserve the planet’s precious resources.

OTAQ is mindful and respectful of the local communities in which it operates to limit environmental damage whilst protecting local cultures.


OTAQ considers its people to be integral to its mission and seeks to provide a positive working environment in which employees can reach their potential and grow alongside the Company. OTAQ maintains a culture of openness and integrity, encouraging employees to treat the Company as if they are its owner. As such, over 60% of the team are currently shareholders. OTAQ’s group policy is not to discriminate against staff or candidates for any reason to promote equal opportunity for all employees and those who wish to join the Company.

Health and safety is a priority for management, with adherence across subsidiaries constantly monitored and reviewed. OTAQ has gone over 16 years days without any serious health and safety incidents.


OTAQ operates under the QCA corporate governance code as required for Main listed companies under Rule 26 of the Companies Act 2006. As required by Section 172 of the Act, directors of the Company must act in a way that he/she considers in good faith as likely to promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its shareholders. The Board and Audit Committee are responsible for management, governance, controls, risk management and performance of the Group.

For further detail on OTAQ’s ESG and Corporate Governance strategies please see the Annual Report linked here.

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