Shareholder Information

Major Shareholders

The Company has been notified of the following interest in 3% or more of the issued ordinary share capital of the Company:


Name of Shareholder Shares%
Nigel Wray*5,964,86815.83%
Elie Dangoor2,360,0056.26%
Harald Rotsch2,126,8665.64%
Dowgate Capital1,576,1884.18%
David and Vivien Poutney1,530,0004.06%


* Nigel Wray’s beneficial holding of 4,576,232 ordinary shares is held through Euroblue Investments Limited, a company wholly owned by the Wray family and related family trusts.


Director Shareholdings

Phil Newby852,4122.26%
Sarah Gills368,6480.98%
Alex Hambro
George Watt
Matt Enright20,0470.05%